Be sure it’s REALLY the IRS calling

Each year the IRS warns taxpayers of scams, many of which happen long after the tax season is over. Some taxpayers have encountered scammers who impersonate IRS officials in person, over the phone, or via email. Here are some ways for you to identify a real IRS employee.

• The IRS makes initial contact with taxpayers through regular mail sent via the USPS.

• The IRS does not call to demand immediate payment using specific methods. If you owe taxes, the IRS will first mail a notice to you.

• The IRS does not threaten to involve law enforcement or immigration officials.

• The IRS will instruct you to make your payment to the US Treasury.

• In the rare case that an IRS agent visits you, ask him or her to produce two forms of official credentials: a pocket commission and an HSPD-12 card.

If you receive contact from the IRS, please do not hesitate to call for help.